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 Background on IT-SENSE.org. Why we do this and the rules we follow.
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In Every On-Line Edition

  • Real Trends & Statistics

    Analysis of analyst findings and projections -- and their (mis-)match with the reality confronting IT planners today.

  • Interviews with Innovators

    Vendors, integrators and consumers get their say -- at last.

  • No Marketecture

    Focus on finding business-savvy solutions to real world problems.

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In This Issue

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Eyes On

  • LTFS
  • Tape Tech
  • Storage Wars

Tape as FileStor

The Linear Tape File System has already won IBM an Emmy Award.  Here is a discussion with Big Blue about the latest developments in the technology, and with front end server designer, Crossroads Systems, regarding important design elements in LTFS head systems.

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Tape continues to improve!

Let's go right to the experts from Spectra Logic and FujiFilm to learn about the biggest developments in tape technology appearing in the market today and in the near future.

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This mash-up of memes from storage technology, popular science fiction epics, and YouTube sensation, The Annoying Orange, entertains while it educates.  Enjoy it.

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E-Books In Development

  • Infrastruggle +

    Link to a blook on IT architecture Read More
  • Making IT Matter +

    A blook on making a business value case for IT Read More
  • The Data Democracy +

    A blook about the impact of the widespread accessibility of data on our personal lives, our business processes and our politics. Read More
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